Light, powerful and fully scalable mini Heroku PaaS to run on public or private IaaS Cloud Platforms.


A mini Heroku PaaS to run on public or private IaaS Cloud Platforms.

Kuero is a mini Heroku PaaS running inside a Virtual Machine. In a similar way, Kuero allows an user to push web applications from his client to Kuero server within a simple git command.

Kuero is built on top of SpineOS, LXC Containers and Open vSwitch.

SpineOS provides to Kuero a Linux frawework with a very small footprint (less than 100 MB) to be easily distributed through the network.

LXC Containers allows the web applications to run into light virtualized containers. Each web service runs within its own protected environment.

Open vSwitch allows serveral Kuero servers to be interconnected within a private local LAN even if they are running in different data centers.


Get Kuero

Get Kuero up and running in just a few minutes.

You can get Kuero up and running in just a few minutes by downloading this virtual machine and start it within VMware Player, Workstation or Fusion.

Download Kuero Server 14.2.0

SHA-1: a5fcda44e039c641472e8dc38006515e3a1f10ec

The admin login is rootwith passwordkuero. You MUST change it after the first login.

This virtual machine requires a 64-bit platform and is compatible with Workstation 8, ESX 5 or Fusion 4 and above.

Download Kuero CLI 14.2.0

SHA-1: de0e264bf9bba8ca314961bd0a25fcb4c17d446f

Kuero CLI is a single Bash script running on your client. It provides a set of functions to create and delete users, to create, start, stop and delete containers, and to push and pull web apps (see documentation).

Pricing Plans

These pricing plans cover a commercial support for a period of 12 months.




This edition is intended to be used for development or personal use.


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per virtual appliance

This edition is intended to be deployed on a single server which is used internally within a single organization.



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SaaS / OEM

This edition is intended to be deployed on a hosted Software as a Service product or to be distributed within a commercial software or hardware product.



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On Demand

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Custom Development

This edition is intended to be customized to meet the requirements of the customer.



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Kuero Commercial Support

Commercial support covers a 12-month period of premium support. After expiration, you may renew the support per periods of twelve months.

Support Features Premium
Access to Kuero's online support services
Free support time 10 hours
Access to 1st line support
Update to minor relases within 1 year
Update to major relases within 1 year
Guaranted initial response time of 48 hours working days
Access to 2nd line support by core developers
Emergency hot fixes
Guiding and advice on implementing Kuero